Frustrated by clutter? This hanger hack will save you!

  So I know you can find wall hooks all over the place, so this project is definitely meant for those who want to create or repurpose some wooden hangers they have lying around. I saw a wall hook that had metal hooks (that was super pricey) and thought some old wooden hangers would make […]

How to get designer curtains (without spending $800)

Today I am going to show you the step by step process to make your own DIY Designer Curtains! Several years ago I contacted someone to have a set of custom curtains made and when I received the quote I was shocked at how much they were. Guy’s I’m talking $500.00 to $800.00 for a […]

When you want gorgeous home decor—for less than $10

  Wrap a cheap laundry basket in jute rope A little hot glue then some ombre spray paint will cement the basket’s boho style. Chic storage for blanket! (Lydi Out L View full project Paint a plain area rug into something pretty Large rugs can define a space. By simply painting one, you’re creating great […]

This amazing garden cost $0 (but it’s worth so much!)

I really wanted rustic herb gardens near the house. So, using things I’d found and saved, I came up with the following easy-to-make herb gardens. Enjoy! This was a leaky horse trough–hence the owner said “take it away!” It sat in my barn until I came up with a use for it. I took a […]