How to Organize Every Space in Your House

Are things a mess? Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can fix it. Start with that junk drawer, or maybe the bedroom closet. You may not get the whole house organized in a day, but you can make a good start. Seeing the results of your labor will then inspire you to continue in […]

11 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds In The Garden

What do you do with your coffee grounds? Have you ever heard about using them as fertilizer? It’s true, it’s actually an excellent way to feed plants and keep pests away. For best results, there are a few guidelines to follow. Jill Clark at shared eleven ways to use coffee grounds in the garden. […]

15 Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

If you have an apartment or condo in the city, odds are even your master bathroom is on the small side. But it still needs to serve all the purposes a much larger bath would, right? Stacey over at has posted about 15 fantastic ideas you can use to transform even the tiniest bathroom into a […]

9 Workout Mistakes That Don’t Let You Get Your Dream Body

9. Long cardio workouts © depositphotos   © depositphotos Many believe that cardio is useful for the heart. But, in fact, you need to know your limits. An excessively long cardio session can have a negative effect on your cardiovascular system. Of course, do not give up on cardio — just don’t overdo it. 8. Low-calorie diet © depositphotos   © depositphotos Low-calorie diets are generally healthy and can slow the aging of the heart […]

17 Kitchen Secrets That Will Make You Love Cooking

Who wouldn’t want their dishes to be cooked quickly, easily, and taste delicious at the same time? We at Bright Side know everyone would, and so we bring you a selection of extremely useful tricks to improve your cooking mastery. A wooden spoon will help take out pomegranate seeds in seconds. © NaturalMarketer Cut the pomegranate into halves, and pat each half with a wooden spoon. All the seeds […]

15 Super Clever Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Question: How much uninterrupted spare time do you enjoy per week? If you’re rolling your eyes at our inquiry right now, we feel you. In today’s busy world, the expression ‘spare time’ is practically an antiquated term, something that folks like us frankly don’t get enough of these days! Because we are much too familiar with this […]

23 Smart Space-Saving Ideas For Your Tiny Bedroom

Anyone with a normal amount of stuff will suffer trying to cram all their clothes and belongings into a small bedroom. Sacrifices will be made. But even then, how can you make it feel like home if everything is still too crowded? While putting your bed up on concrete blocks is one solution for more […]

NBC: Your Children Will Definitely Be Microchipped

An NBC News report that promotes the microchipping of children asserts that it will happen “sooner rather than later” and that Americans will eventually accept the process as something just as normal as the barcode. It goes on to highlight mother of three Steffany Rodroguez-Neely, who talks about how she briefly lost her daughter after […]

10 Tips From The Most Organized Woman On The Internet

Where’s the worst clutter in your home? Is it in the bathroom where everyone has their own shampoos and accessories? Is it in the kitchen where drawers and counters are overcrowded? What would you fix first? And what keeps you from getting started? Lauren Piro at shared ten tips from the most organized woman […]

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