How to Build a Smokehouse

Preserving food these days seems like a hard job, unless you want to do it in a natural way. The perfect medium for this is a smoke house. This awesome piece of garden facility will make you ready for all the products and dishes specific to the fall season. Making such a structure in your […]

How To Make Squirmy Jelly Worms

This is an interesting way to make some squirmy treats for such events as Halloween party. These are actually quite simple to make. Here are the step by step instructions. You just need to pack some straws with a rubber band and put them in a cup. And then fill them with your favorite jelly. […]

12 Top Tips From Experienced Drivers

№ 12. Nail polish can almost completely hide a small scratch on the car’s body. Find a nail polish tone that matches the color of the car, and put some on the scratch. After the nail polish dries, just buff the scratch a little to make it smooth. № 11. Clear nail polish can stop a windshield crack. If a rock hit your windshield and made a deep crack, […]

DIY Beautiful Paper Heart Wall Art

There are many creative ways to recycle toilet paper rolls and turn them into amazing home decorations. Here is a fabulous idea to make beautiful paper heart wall art. To make this, you’ll need to glue all the toilet paper rolls together in a heart shape. Take this idea further and you can create this […]

Don’t Do These 5 Things When You Prep Chicken

Novice cooks may find the array of chicken cooking options to be intimidating. It doesn’t help when you watch pro chefs on TV get chewed out for serving undercooked chicken to judges. How do you figure it out? You can destine your chicken for great things with a little preparation. Watch out for common rookie […]

Man Digs Massive Hole in Yard for a Genius Reason

Sometimes brilliant ideas strike us out of nowhere and it’s so, so easy to just brush them aside as “crazy” and move on. But when Wayne Martin had his genius thought, he could not let it rest! So, he decided to go for it and attempt one of the most epic home improvement projects we’ve […]