You might want to grab a washcloth when you see these clever hacks!

Everyone knows by now that I’m trying to teach myself to sew. While I would love to eventually use my machine for bigger, more elaborate projects, I can’t help but get excited when I create functional items for everyday use. I’ve come across a lot of ideas online and I had to try my hand at these washcloth hacks!

Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Medium


4 washcloth hacks
-pack of washcloths from Marshalls
-Brother sewing machine
-cutting mat
-Fiskar fabric cutter
-fabric measuring tape
Not pictured:
-jasmine rice


4 washcloth hacks
HACK 1: Hot/cold pack
The first hack will come in handy if anyone in my household has a pain. These cute little packs are also great ‘get well’ gift ideas!
First, I cut the thick outer edge off of the washcloth using my fabric cutter. Then, I cut the washcloth into quarters. One washcloth makes two miniature hot/cold packs, or you can use two washcloths to make one large hot/cold pack.


4 washcloth hacks
Next, I used my sewing machine to sew two quarters together, leaving a small hole open (roughly a half inch). I then inserted a funnel inside the hole and filled the fabric with rice. I left enough room to be able to fold in the fabric and sew the hole shut.


4 washcloth hacks
To give these hot/cold packs as a gift, simply tie a coordinating ribbon around them both! You can throw these in the microwave to heat them up (I would heat them at 15 second intervals to ensure that the rice doesn’t burn), or place them in the freezer to use them as cold packs.


4 washcloth hacks
HACK 2: Reusable Swiffer pad
This hack is definitely a money saver if you create several of them! If you’re a Swiffer owner, you know that the sweeping and mopping pads can get a little pricey so these reusable pads can save you money while also keeping trash out of landfills.
First, I used my fabric cutter to cut a washcloth in half. Then I cut one half of the wash cloth in half again, creating two quarters, and finally I cut one of the quarters in half again which left me with two 3″ pieces.
Next, I sewed the two 3″ pieces to the half piece of the washcloth (the third picture in this sequence) and turned the fabric inside out.


4 washcloth hacks
Lastly, I inserted my Swiffer into the reusable pad.
You can use the pad dry in order to sweep or you can use your own mopping solutions to mop your floors. When you’re finished, just throw the pad into the wash and use them again and again!


4 washcloth hacks
HACK 3: Travel pouch
I really love this hack as it could be a great Christmas stocking stuffer and useful for when I travel as well!
I took a washcloth and folded it up on itself about 3″ (I used my own toothbrush as a guide to how far up I wanted my pockets to be). I used my sewing machine to sew the outer edge of the folded wash cloth.
The width of the washcloth was approximately 12″ so I marked the pocket I create at 3″, 6″ and 9″, then sewed a straight line at each mark. These straight lines created smaller pockets.


4 washcloth hacks
Lastly, I took two 6″ pieces of ribbon (this ribbon was what the washcloths were tied with when I purchased the pack) and sewed them with their ends touching each other on the back outside edge (the pockets should be face down) of the washcloth.


4 washcloth hacks
To utilize this travel pouch, I simply placed an item in each pocket (toothbrush, floss wand, toothpaste, etc.) and rolled it up, then tied the attached ribbon to secure the rollup. Simple, compact and of course, cute! 


4 washcloth hacks
HACK 1: Hanging soap pocket
This hack can be changed up depending on the brand of soap you use but the overall concept is great for those who don’t want to hold on to slippery, slimy soap and/or to hang your bar of soap instead of it creating build-up in your shower caddy or tub.
First, I used my fabric cutter to cut the thick outer edge of a washcloth off of the top and bottom (you’ll want to save this strip for later), then I cut the washcloth in half.
Note: I left the thick outer edge on the left and right of my piece of washcloth.
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4 washcloth hacks
Next, I folded the left side of the washcloth in at 4″ and the right side in at 3″. Then, I sewed a straight line down both sides.


4 washcloth hacks
Lastly, I flipped my soap pocket inside-out and took a small strip of that outer thick edge I cut off earlier and sewed it to the inside edge of the pocket.


4 washcloth hacks
Whether you use this soap pocket to wash yourself with or just to have a way to keep soap scum from building up on your bathroom surfaces, it’s a cute beginner sewing project to sharpen your skills or to do with your littles!

Materials I used for this project:

Pack of washcloths   (Marshalls)

Brother sewing machine   (on hand (from local Brother retailer))

Cutting mat   (on hand (from JoAnn fabric))

Fiskar fabric cutter   (on hand (from JoAnn fabric))

Thread   (local Brother retailer)

Fabric measuring tape   (on hand)

Funnel   (on hand)

Jasmine rice   (on hand (from Stop & Shop))