Forget place cards, chalkboard Easter eggs are more exciting

Chalkboard decor is still one of my favorite home decor trends because it’s affordable and flexible! And these Chalkboard Easter eggs are no exception! They are super budget friendly and they have lots of uses! You can use them for place cards, inspiring messages, sweet notes, tiny canvases, tuck them into a lunchbox for a sweet surprise, and so much more!



diy chalkboard easter eggs
Just a few ingredients are all it takes to make your own little chalkboard egg masterpieces! I got everything you see here at Wal-Mart in the craft aisle. Chalkboard paintPaint brushFaux Easter eggsChalk


diy chalkboard easter eggs


First, paint your eggs. I recommend doing this in light layers. My egg only required one coat to cover it sufficiently for my taste. By using light strokes the egg dried faster.


diy chalkboard easter eggs


Once the egg is mostly dry you can do touch-ups where you were holding the egg and let it dry fully.


diy chalkboard easter eggs


Once it is totally dry you are ready to write, draw, doodle, whatever your heart desires! Here I’ve used this one as a place card at my Easter table. Instead of a name, I’ve written a message that for me is pivotal to the Easter season! You can view more photos and details on the blog so please hop over to read more!

Materials I used for this project:

Chalkboard paint   (Wal-Mart)

Wooden Eggs   (Target)

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