Amazing Tiny School Bus Cottage

You would be surprise to find out how many objects can be turned into a living space or even a house. You already know about grain silos, but did you ever think about a school bus as your next home? Jeremy and Mira Thompson took this bold step and turned a school bus into a tiny house. They did such an amazing work and their new home looks very cozy and welcoming, not to mention awesome-looking from the outside. This tiny bus home can be easily moved from one place to another and the 37 square feet interior is more than sufficient for a family of 3. Its inside looks magical and fairytale-like with a small living room, cute upstairs bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. If you are an adventurous type, who works from home and wants to have the freedom of moving from one location to the other, such a tiny bus home would be ideal for you and your family.


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